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“I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it”: Amazing Knock Off Toys

We’ve all seen knock off toys as kids. Maybe you even owned a couple yourself. Perhaps they were a gift from a grandparent who didn’t know the difference between a genuine Ninja Turtle and a knock off Ninja Tortoise. Or maybe the knock off was a little less expensive and your dad is a very cheap man. Either way, we’ve all encountered knock off toys at some point. However, knock off toys are something that you can’t really appreciate until you are older and really see how funny these things truly are. So with that I give you a few amazing…ly bad knock offs. Enjoy! New Style Ninja Tortoise – The villain in this series is Grinder….it’s a more adult themed show. Space Boys 3 – This upsets me on so many levels. Super Robot Transformable Tomas – Some serious shit is gonna go down at Shining Time Station… Specialman – It could just be a coincidence that the Special Olympics mascot looks a lot like Superman. Super Marian – In the defense of this …

Pretty Cool: The Krang Belt Buckle

If I wore pants I would need a belt to hold them up. And if I had a belt, I would want a buckle…something stylish you know. Something that shows taste, and class with a hint of nostalgia. Enter the Krang Belt Buckle! This awesome pant accessory is sold by by Etsy member ChristopherGenovese and goes for a cool $190. What do you think ladies?

Goodbye James Avery (1948 – 2013)

Whether you knew him as Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or perhaps as the voice of many beloved cartoon characters including Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even The Junk Yard Dog from Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling, it’s safe to say we will all be missing this truly versatile and excellent actor. His warmth always translated across the television screen and he will be remembered as one of the best. Avery passed away Tuesday following complications from open heart surgery. To celebrate Uncle Phil, here are some of our favorite moments…