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Happy Birthday Nostalgia Blog

Can you believe it, it’s our Birthday! Did you buy us anything? No…..Why not? Either way, still come on in and celebrate with us as The Nostalgia Blog turns 2 years old. The Nostalgia Blog started when my good friend and co-founder Ben Gulka came to me with an idea to start his own blog seeing if the things he was nostalgic about still hold up to today’s standards. I thought it was a great idea and weaseled my way into it. Since then we’ve had others join us in reminiscing and hit some major accomplishments that we never thought were possible. In our two years we have written over 1,000 blog posts (although some really can’t be considered “writing”), our videos reached more than 1million hits on YouTube (that was right before our account was suspended for copyright infringement), and our blog has been read by tens of thousands of readers. For that we say THANK YOU! In the new year we promise to keep the nostalgia coming! And promise that we will make …

I Loved Opening My Advent Calendar

Every year by the end of November, my mom or fake dad would bring me home one of these awesome creations. The pieces of chocolate were so tiny, but so good. And it was such a thrill for a twenty…. 10 year old to search for the next day of the month and open up the slot. I might just buy one of these for myself this year. Just for Nostalgia’s sake.

Expialidocious – POGO mixes Mary Poppins

POGO is an Australian musician/DJ who creates aww inspiring mash-ups using classic films, television series and whatever else he can get his hands on. I first heard of his music through his remix of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, titled “JAAAM”. What POGO is really good at is making music out of true classics – pieces that not only do we love and remember – but pieces that share a special place in our nostalgic hearts. While it’s hard to pick a favorite remix, Expialidocious might be at the top. Who can’t help but feel fuzzy when thinking about Mary Poppins. Not to mention the hilariously talented Dick Van Dyke.

95 Seconds of 90s

Let’s be honest, television now-a-days is so much superior than it ever was. Our dramas from HBO, Showtime, AMC are untouched. Sitcoms like 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Rec will live on for years in syndication. Cartoons….okay they aren’t anywhere close to what we had in the 80s. But with that all said, I still have an extreme soft spot for 90s television. This was my generation, my childhood, my TV. The 90s were the golden years to be a kid, and this video shows you exactly why…

Awesome Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas

It’s that time of year when we roll up our sleeves, scoop some goop into a bowl, get our moms to roast the seed and try not to cut ourselves making a piss poor Jack-O’-Lantern. This year, why don’t we try and raise the bar a little. Use these awesome carvings as inspiration and please: Don’t butcher yourself.