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Throwback Thursdays! Performances atop the Ed Sullivan Theater

This week for Throwback Thursdays we are doing something a little different. I have been doing posts about David Letterman all week and even though his show is now over, I figured I’d keep the trend going. Why? Cause it’s my blog and I’ll cry and eat ice cream while I write if I want to! Anywho, I knew right away that I wanted Throwback Thursday to be an act from the Late Show that was performed atop the Ed Sullivan Theater. However, I couldn’t decide on one, so here are a few that stuck out to me over the years. Enjoy! Audioslave “Cochise”   Dave Matthews Band –  “Where Are You Going”, “You Never Know”, “Grey Street” and “Grace Is Gone”   Paul McCartney “Get Back”   Jay Z and Eminem “Renegade”   The Black Keys “Fever”   Foo Fighters “Everlong” This was not on the roof or marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater but it was the closing musical for the Late Show and includes highlights of David Letterman’s amazing 33 year …

Do you know?: There are multiple versions of Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Do They Know It’s Christmas? is a song written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 to raise money for relief of the 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia. The song was released by Band Aid on November 28th, 1984 and became the biggest selling single in UK history no doubt raising tons of money for famine. Merry Christmas indeed! The song featured  superstars such as Sting, Bono, Boy George, Phil Collins, George Michael, Paul McCartney and the guys from Spandau Ballet (maybe they weren’t all superstars…) However, who was to know that one song recorded back in 1984 wouldn’t solve all the problems in Africa? I mean this plan was pretty full-proof if you ask me. Regardless, more had to be done! Which brings us to 1989 and Band Aid II. If anyone can name anyone in this video other than Kylie Minogue I will be blown away. In fact I’m not sure, but I would bet somehow Africa lost money on this version. Fast forward to 2004 and Band Aid 20 (the 20 stands …

Amazing: Paul McCartney’s Hidden Lentil Soup Recipe (The Simpsons)

In the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” (Season 5) there is a guest appearance by Paul McCartney, sorry Sir. Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda. They both help Lisa be proud of her new found Vegetarianism (and her marriage to a carrot that will no doubt be in her future). During that episode Paul McCartney says, “In fact, if you play ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ backwards, you’ll find a recipe for a ripping lentil soup.” (a reference to “Revolution 9” by The Beatles which when played backwards apparently claimed Paul was dead…or something like that). But here is where The Simpsons genius is taken to the next level. if you play the version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” that’s featured in the closing credits backwards, you can hear Paul quietly recite a recipe for lentil soup in the background. OH YEAH! How awesome is that!! Check it out!