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Tonight’s Top 10 List: I’ll Miss You David Letterman

I’ll be honest. There is too much to write about what David Letterman and his Late Show has meant to me through my life and frankly, most people don’t visit this site to read long-winded breakdowns and memories of pop culture (that’s what Grantland is for). So in that spirit I will give you what I loved about David Letterman (I’m sure I am the 100,000th person to do this) in Top 10 form. Here we go. #10. His Top Ten Lists They weren’t always amazing but they had their moments.   #9. His bits and out of studio visits. In one of the more memorable bits, Elaine Stritch played a woman who kept interrupting the show to demand David (her new pool boy and piece of eye candy) to give her attention. Dave’s out of studio bits were the original cringe-worthy laugh in my opinion. Check out when he worked a McDonald’s Drive-Thru back in 1993 for example.   #8. His Bear Story It is in fact a story about a bear and it’s …

Awesome Moments in TV History: Paul Shaffer has a question for Julia Roberts

Paul Shaffer is (and may possibly always be) the best band leader in Late Night. He is unbelievably talented musically and his chemistry with David Letterman is the stuff of legends. Most of Paul Shaffer’s funniest moments are based on the weird sounds he makes when Letterman makes quick joke (my favorite Paul Shaffer sound being: Mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). However, every now and then Shaffer would whip out a gem worthy of the ages and on a random night back in 2001 such a moment happened. Enjoy.