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Cause Why Not: Mister Rogers Sings Happy Birthday To You

I might be a little late to the party on this one but I stumbled upon it the other day and had to throw it into a post. It started off a joke but as the beautiful lyrics washed over me and I looked deep into those soulful eyes I realized, this song was actually written just for me. And I’m not crying…I’m just….fine! I’m crying! You try watching that on your birthday and not shedding a tear you robot! “But it’s not your birthday” Ah, he said “happy unbirthday to you” so checkmate. Enjoy sending this to every person you know on their birthday for the next few years. Yeah, I dare you to be that person.

Nostalgia Remixed: Bob Ross Style

Oh Bob Ross, your creepy whisper voice captivated us all…well that and the fact that you can make painting majestic mountains look so easy a Irishman could do it. Yeah that’s right, I’m bringing back old school jokes about the Irish, deal with it! Bob Ross or “psycho man” as my brother and I called him growing up, has been remixed in another PBS ad to promote…I don’t know….PBS. it’s actually really well done and I think you should give it a watch. So do it already.

Who ate David Byrne’s pie?

Remember After School Specials? First coined by ABC (American Broadcasting Company) in 1972, they were a series of made-for-television movies, usually dealing with controversial or socially relevant issues, that were generally broadcast in the late afternoon and meant to be viewed by school age children, particularly teenagers. In the 1980’s, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) came out with a series of their own called “Trying Times.” This half-hour anthology was about people struggling with the daily routines of life and starred a who’s who of 80’s actors: Rosanna Arquette, Candice Bergen, Stockyard Channing, Corey Feldman and even Talking Heads front man David Byrne. In this episode Rosanna Arquette is visiting her new in-laws for the first time, and sneaks a piece of pie from a neurotic relative played by David Byrne. Directed by Jonathan Demme. Byrne’s acting chops at 1:30 are perhaps the best of anything ever seen!