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Just Awesome: Quadrocopters Disguised As Snoopy and R2-D2

These are some videos of quadrocopters built by Otto Dieffenbach and disguised to look like Snoopy’s Flying Dog House and R2-D2. They were both put out to promote San Diego Comic-Con as well as the upcoming Peanuts and Star Wars movies. They are pretty fantastic and filling me with Nostalgic Whimsy…although it could just be these weed brownies I’m eating. What’s that? They aren’t weed brownies? They are laxative brownies you say? Well this will be a fun afternoon. Enjoy the videos!

Peanuts Characters As Iconic Horror Characters

This series is called ‘Run for your life Charlie Brown’ by artist Dennis Davies and features some of your favorite Peanuts characters (and some that aren’t your favorites too) as iconic Horror characters. Now before we all talk about the obvious casting of Franklin as Blade, Let’s all take a moment and realize that Peppermint Patty isn’t even included in this. That’s because iconic horror characters are predominantly white dudes. Still I think we could have squeezed in Snoopy as Cujo and Woodstock as one of the birds from Birds. *You can see the larger version right HERE.