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Hi, I’m Troy McClure: All the movies you might remember me from

Next to Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure was one of my favourite characters from the Simpsons. Both voiced by the late Phil Hartman (who was tragically killed back in 1998), these voices were two of the most recognizable of the 90s. Troy McClure, a washed-up actor who was famous for being “known” for his roles in movies that no one ever saw. So please enjoy Troy telling us about all of these roles. Every single one of them.  


Remember calling Collect? Actually, remember pay phones for that matter? Well in the times where cell phones were rare and the ones that did exist were bigger than most cars these days, if you didn’t have quarters on you for a phone call you needed to call Collect. I’m sure whoever started this company is living on a giant payphone shaped island in paradise somewhere. However, when this greedy human being wasn’t over charging us to make emergency calls to our loved ones, they were making some pretty sweet commercials. Here are a few to enjoy. Please dial “0” now. The Simpsons David Spade Phil Hartman and Chris Rock