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It’s okay that you can’t read: Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers

This is a huge collection of Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers by Joey Spiotto. They span across some of our favorite TV shows, movies, music and video games and are just delightful. The subtle attention to detail in some of these covers is just amazing. Good news for all of us who no reed goode, they’rejust covers! So no reading needed! Enjoy! Check out more of these amazing covers here.

Why Would We Post This?: Spoiler Alert! Supercut

Screen Junkies make some pretty good videos over on that YouTube thing, you should check em out! This video is an interesting one, it is a Spoiler Supercut of some of cinema’s greatest twist endings. Why make a supercut like this? Good question. Maybe it is because they are the Screen Junkies and have actually seen all of these movies and assume anyone else who has may appreciate the video. OR maybe they want to see how dumb people on the internet are and despite numerous warnings of spoilers will still watch this video and complain. In my opinion, unless you have seen most of these movies, you wouldn’t really understand most of these spoilers out of context but in case I’m wrong, maybe don’t watch this video if you haven’t seen (or don’t want to spoil) these movies: Citizen Kane, Fight Club, Primal Fear, Signs, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chinatown, The Empire Strikes Back, Psycho (1960), Carrie (1976), Scream, The Sixth Sense, The Departed, The Shawshank Redemption, The Crying Game, Invasion of …