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I have trouble staying in the lines: 90’s Coloring Book for Adults

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and you know what I want? World Peace. Just kidding! That will never happen. What I really want is this Color The 90s adult coloring book by Outrageous Katie. It says ‘Adult’, so don’t let anyone give you any shit about being in your 20s, 30s or 40s and coloring in a coloring book (50 years olds can suck it, your were in your 20s when this stuff was relevant). For those interested in this little piece of Nostalgic awesomeness, you can buy it on Amazon! That place has everything! Except my fathers love….Anywho! Check out the link here as well as a few pictures below to get a taste of what the book offers and to plan out your coloring adventure! I myself am going to color Tim Allen blue because I’ve never seen a blue Tim Allen before and quite frankly, I want to see one.

Great Commercial: Internet Explorer Child of the 90s

This is a new ad from Internet Explorer that exploits our love for the 90s (you know, a time when superior products like Fire Fox and Google Chrome didn’t exist). And they got everything, fanny packs, hungry hungry hippos, pog and even wallet chains! It’s a great walk down memory lane and anyone who reads this blog will enjoy it. As for me, I’m gonna hop on my Web Crawler and look up some of my friends on ICQ. oh yeah, that sentence just happened!