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R.I.P. Pillsbury Doughboy

This has been circling around the internets, facebooks, twitters and whatnots lately. Apparently Pillsbury is not using their uncooked super-star Poppin’ Fresh (aka The Pillsbury Doughboy) anymore in commercial ads. This is terrible news! I for one will not focus on the negative, like the fact that Pillsbury most likely had ole Poppin’ Fresh cremated into a delicious crescent roll (did you know croissants were created to celebrate France’s victory over the Ottoman Empire? True story, the crescent shape was created to mock the crescent moon on the Ottoman Flag. Now you know). No! I choose to remember the good times we had with our friend Poppin’ Fresh. So let us reflect on those aforementioned good times we had. *WARNING* Some clips may not actually contain scenes with The Pillsbury Doughboy. Classic Commercial – Poppin’ Fresh rapping and making crescent rolls Simpsons – “Poppin’ Fresh! You glutenous little doughboy!” The Critic – “The doughboy and I happen to be ticklish in the same spot” Don’t be shocked if we see our good friend Poppin Fresh …

MadTV Clops

This was one of the most original skits ever. When MadTV started they really were doing some great stuff, none much better then Clops which married clay animation (which was still relevant at the time) with the tv show COPS (which was also still relevant at the time). This sketch is clearly where Seth Green came up with the concept for Robot Chicken. So please enjoy. I know you will. “It’s just snow from the North Pole, I’m holding it for the Easter Bunny”