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Galactic Responsibility: Han Solo And The Millennium Falcon Drunk Driving PSA

This is a great little bunch of Star Wars clips edited together to make an anti drunk driving PSA. This video just proves, no matter if you are here on earth or in a galaxy far far away, you shouldn’t drink and drive. And don’t tell me they don’t have Uber or cabs out in space. If you can invent lightsabers, you can figure out an app-based ridesharing program. Enjoy!

Stranger Danger

Who remembers having to watch “street smart” videos in school? These type of videos/PSA tried to teach us young children about staying alert and staying safe (also a famous VHS). This is one of the more iconic videos of them all…STRANGER DANGER. This short video is full of alerts and warning signs children need to look out for. We have our favorites on this list, what are yours?

This is your brain…

This is the original version of the “this is your brain on drugs” commercial . It was brilliant, quick, easy and to the point. The point being drugs apparently mess your brain up. I don’t know, I never really payed attention. I just wanted to eat eggs. Man! aren’t eggs awesome? Anywho, I forgot what I was talking about, probably because of all the drugs I am on. So here is a commercial for something This version of “this is your brain…” was more specific – it focused on heroine. I guess we as a continent could not figure out what drug makes our brain like delicious eggs, so they made the video more specific. Again they are trying to combat drug use here, but all I thought as a kid as I saw a young fresh faced Rachael Leigh Cook telling us the hazards of heroine was: “Man that girl is so hot! I could never get a girl that hot…wait a second, she did heroine, so maybe if I do drugs I will …

Stay Alert! Stay Safe!

Stay Alert! Stay Safe! was a series of PSA’s that aired in the 90’s designed to teach kids how to… you guessed it, Stay Alert! and Stay Safe! This clip is from the full length VHS that many of us got for free from our local Canadian Tire. Watching these all in a row does make you realize that all of the segments were about preventing yourself from getting grabbed, raped and killed. Next time someone tries to abduct me, I’m just going to roll on the ground or spin.

The More You Know…

We all remember these adds on NBC. They would usually air during TNBC on Saturday mornings and during other shows that had a large child audience. I applaud NBC for doing this, I mean maybe David Schwimmer telling us not to be bullies won’t stop us from being bullies, but maybe David Schimmer telling us not to be bullies, then putting a giant star followed by a rainbow and put to some thoughtful music will stop us! Anywho, we all loved these adds and I am sure there are thousands of parodies of it, but my favorite parody has to be from the show Scrubs. So enjoy some of the real ones and one fake one. David Schwimmer: Bullying   Helen Hunt: Domestic Violence   John Krasinski: Recycling   JD from Scrubs: Smothering Your Children