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WWF Rap Album – Aggression

The WWF (WWE) over the years have always released compilation music albums of their superstar entrance themes, and sometimes have tried releasing music that featured their wrestlers singing…. But in 2000, the WWF was so hot and actually in-tune to pop culture that they got some of the biggest names in Rap/Hip Hop to make original tracks about their superstars and released it as WWF Aggression. The album featured the likes of RUN DMC, SNOOP DOGG, ICE-T, ODB and METHOD MAN. This collaboration did very well, peaking at number 8 on the US Billboard charts and number 6 in Canada. Some of the wrestlers used these new tracks as their entrance theme while others just release music videos. Advertisements

The Lost Art of Answering Machine Messages

As landlines, phone books, “while you were away notepads” and cassette recorders go extinct, so goes the lost art of creative answering machine messages. Sure you can put something funny on your voicemail, but that doesn’t seem too professional since your business/personal phone number is the same. And now most people tend to skip the personality and have the computerized voice saying “the person you are trying to call is unavailable.” But I remember a time when people would put a lot of effort in their 30second message statement, as shown here in this classic Kids in the Hall sketch…. Some people would go even farther and make musical numbers just like George… And then there was the old folks who think it was hip to add a 90s rap to their message…