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I see what you did there: ‘Monster Squad’ as ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

So apparently someone said “hey that new Suicide Squad movie is coming out soon. You know what other movie had the word “squad” in it? Monster Squad. I wonder if I put both trailers side by side, they’d match up?” Then they did it. And it worked! And now we all get to enjoy the benefits! Enjoy. and this is without the split screen Advertisements

Re-Cut Trailers: Princess Bride re-cut as a horror

We here at The Nostalgia Blog are suckers for re-cut trailers. We are also suckers for candy! Did you bring us any candy? No? Okay, well, maybe next time. This is a re-cut trailer of the hilarious movie The Princess Bride which is now made out to be a horror movie. We’ve seen a bunch of re-cut trailers and eaten a bunch of candy over the years and sometimes you get a re-cut trailer or piece of candy that you aren’t in love with. I’m not over the moon about this trailer but I still enjoy it’s premiss so give it a watch. As for me, I’m off to get some candy.