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Before Pay-Per-View, We had Closed Circuit

Does anyone remember a world before Pay-Per-View? I’m guessing most of you don’t…In fact, most of you don’t remember a world before the internet. Back in 1985 when the World Wrestling Federation was launching its mega-card known as WrestleMania, PPV wasn’t an option (and still 2 years away from invention). Viewers had to watch the show in movie theaters and arenas through something called Closed Circuit Television. To market such an event, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T made their rounds on morning shows, radio, SNL and late night talk shows, including the Richard Belzer Show. Unfortunately for Richard, this was a time when wrestlers were very secretive about their sport. If you made fun of them, they would prove that what they did wasn’t fake. Belzer had a little too much fun with the Hulk and this was the outcome….