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Mac Sabbath: Evil McDonald’s Characters cover Black Sabbath

This crazy cover band gives us a double dip of Nostalgia. First, Mac Sabbath is a band that performs in complete McDonald’s character costumes (albeit evil versions) featuring childhood faves: Ronald McDonald (lead vocals), Grimace (bass), Mayor McCheese (guitar) and The Hamburglar (drums). Second, they do covers of Black Sabbath with lyrics to relate them to McDonalds. I actually thought this would get old pretty fast but ended up watching the entire 5 minute video much to my delight. I hope as a response The Burger King Kids Club comes out with an early 90s hip hop band.

Mac and Me: Not what I remembered

So, I watched this movie a bunch of times as a kid. It was basically the poor man’s E.T. The premise is that a Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) escapes from NASA and befriends some kid in a wheel chair. Seems harmless enough. Recently I went back and watched some scenes from this movie and realized how BAT-SHIT CRAZY it is! The Goddamn thing makes NO SENSE! I can’t even put into words how messed this movie is. I must have just blocked it all from my memory as a traumatic event in my life. But don’t let me sandbag it. Please decide for yourself. Here are a few choice scenes from the movie. Starting with the preview where Ronald McDonald does the intro…yes –  Ronald McDonald…WHAT THE FUCK! Theatrical Trailer featuring Ronald McDonald….Why? The Unexplained Dance Scene There is no reason or explanation for this dance scene. It just happens. This is not a musical people! This is supposed to be just a regular McDonald’s and a dance scene just breaks out! OH! and that …

Ronald McDonald and The Gang

It’s a shame they can’t really make McDonald’s commercials like this anymore. These days they have to make a commercial that explains how their meat is “Grade A” and how dare McDonald’s “brainwash” today’s kids into wanting a happy meal. Well here’s to a time when the idea of a happy meal still made you happy and when Disney would put subtly racists toys in that happy meal dammit! USA! USA!