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I didn’t even know this existed: New Kids on the Block Cartoon

I love discovering new pieces of nostalgia for the first time (does that make sense?), just like this discovery…New Kids on the Block had their own cartoon series. Seriously! The show was of course titled New Kids on the Block and premiered at the height of the bands popularity in 1991 on ABC. Following in the footsteps of shows like Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling and The Super Mario Super Show. This cartoon series featured a mix between cartoon stories and live action segments. The interesting thing (just like Hulk Hogan’s cartoon) is that the voices of the characters were done by actors and not by the band members themselves, apparently due to licensing rights. The show lasted all of one season and it’s not too hard to figure out why.   Advertisements

Super Mario Super Show with Captain Lou

He was one of wrestling’s greatest managers turned pop culture icon, the one and only Captain Lou Albano…or as you may know him, Super Mario. Albano had a 42 year career in professional wrestling and managed 15 different tag teams to championship glory. But his biggest contributions to the wacky world of pro wrestling might have been his appearances in crossover media. Captain Lou was instrumental in making the WWF a household item in the 1980’s by tag teaming with mega superstar Cyndi Lauper. He appeared on MTV with Lauper, trained her to become a wrestling manager and even appeared in her music videos. Maybe you weren’t a MTV fan or even a WWF fan. But if you were a Saturday morning cartoon fan, then you would have still been entertained by Captain Lou…that’s because he was the live-action Super Mario. In 1989 The Super Mario Super Show began its 89 episode run. The show was a cartoon series with live-action segments anchoring each segment. Hey, remember when Mario told Luigi to fuck off. Okay, …

NIGHT WALK: the best TV series ever!

This was possibly the most ingenious way for any Canadian TV Network to fulfill their Canadian Content quota; Night Walk was a television program created by Global Ontario that aired from 1986 – 1993. It was a first-person view of the streets of Toronto late at night. In the background would be soothing jazz music to accompany the visuals of empty streets, signs and parked cars. It also featured clips from Toronto’s PATH (underground mall) where you’d see moving escalators, closed shops and the occasional janitor mopping the floor. “Despite having a seven year run on Global, only one episode of Night Walk was produced, and was repeated nightly during late-night hours (generally 3AM to 5AM) as a substitute for a test pattern. However, it would later be supplemented by similar programs such as Night Ride, featuring film of Toronto’s streets and highways from the viewpoint of a person driving late at night; and Night Moves, which aired scenes of Toronto nightlife.” These shows became incredibly popular among the locals. If you had an issue …