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Did we ever figure out what sex Pat was?

It’s one of the rare films that have a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (of course that’s cause only 11 people watched the movie), It’s Pat was a 1994 flick based off the popular Saturday Night Live character. The film centered on Pat, an obnoxious job-hopper of indeterminable sex who is searching for a steady foundation in life. What does that mean? It means the running joke was that we never knew if Pat was a guy or a girl. Great for a sketch, even a couple of them, but for a full length movie….no thank you. The film opened in three cities, and allegedly grosses only $60,822. Not only was it a box office failure but the critics ate it alive. “Shocking unfunny” was one of the many poor reviews actress Julia Sweeney and the film received.  The film was clear frontrunner to take home the many Razzie awards it was nominated for…that is until Showgirls won them all. The interesting thing was that the plot (and sketches) always centered on find out Pat’s …

The Manliest Show in the World: “The Man Show”

Before Jimmy Kimmel became a late night talk show host, he co-hosted “The Man Show” with Adam Corolla. These two were involved with the program from 1999-2003 before moving on to other ventures and passing on duties to Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope. “The Man Show” was exactly that: All things man. Segments routinely featured beer, hidden camera pranks, misogynistic humour, bodacious babes and ridiculous manly activities. In other words: It was awesome. To illustrate, here is a segment featuring ‘girls on trampolines’ which closed every episode of the program: And here is Bill “the Fox” Foster chugging beer and being a man: Unfortunately he is no longer with us. Essentially, Jimmy and Adam were awesome. And “The Man Show” was the manliest thing going. Did you watch?