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Throwback Thursdays! “More Than Words” by Extreme

Oh the irony. A band called ‘Extreme’ is responsible for one of the softest hit songs of all time. The other day Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black re-created a shot for shot remake of this video and I thought, why? And also, this should be this week’s Throwback Thursday. So now it is. Enjoy! here is the Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black version: And just because, here they are side by side:

Egon looks different: Middle School Kids Re-create Ghostbusters Trailer

This is pretty self explanatory. Some middle school students filmed a shot for shot remake of the original Ghostbusters trailer. I must say, very well done! It’s the right mix of cute meets funny and well done on resisting the urge to put the girl playing Winston in black face…cause that couldn’t have totally changed things… If I was their teacher I would give them all an A+. Also if I was their teacher I would have summers off to work on the novel I’m writing and no you can’t read it right now. It’s a work in progress and I’m not looking for pointers right now okay? Enjoy the trailer!

Homemade shot for shot: Jurassic Park T-Rex Chase Scene

Homemade Movies over on YouTube is quickly becoming one of our favourites here at The Nostalgia Blog. Ya see the thing is, they take scenes from our most beloved childhood movies and re-create them shot for shot and the result is nostalgic awesomeness! We have already done pieces on their versions of Top Gun and Hook (which actually featured the original Rufio) but today they tackle one of the most iconic film scenes ever: Jurassic Park T-Rex Chase Scene. How does it stack up? You tell me. We’ve also included the side by side comparison with the original scene below as well. Enjoy!

Rufio vs Hook fight scene featuring ORIGINAL RUFIO!

RUFI-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Holy heck you’ve done it again homemade movies! This is a shot for shot remake of the fight scene between Rufio and Captain Hook from the movie Hook. Oh and did I mention it features THE ORIGINAL RUFIO! (I choose not to look up the actors name as he has done nothing else of value to me). I’m sure many of the other adult actors in this remake were no doubt failed child actors from the original movie trying to re-live the “glory days” but who cares about them. Please enjoy this amazing re-make but before you do, I ask you this: Rufio stated in Hook that “all grownups are pirates” so now that he is grown up what does that mean? The answer is nothing. It was a fictional movie you moron. Enjoy!