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The most advanced home gaming system…almost

In 1993 video game players had a very real and challenging question to ask ourselves…SNES, SEGA GENSIS or the PANASONIC 3DO? I think this commercial says it! The Panasonic 3DO was way ahead of its time. It actually was “the most advanced home gaming system in the universe”. The technology behind the 3DO was said to be as advanced as a Playstation 2, and this was in 1993. So how come the 3DO never really took over the world of video gaming? For starters its release price was $699.99…OUCH! Following that no one could create a game that could possibly live up the systems power, so we were stuck with limited titles that were sloppy 3D and low resolution video. Add in issues from third-party supporter and you have one of the biggest flops in video game consoles. With that said, I still loved it! I have very found memories of sneaking downstairs to my parent’s basement and playing (more like watching) the Adults Only games that 3DO released as a way to increase sales. …

He’s On FIRE! NBA JAM Cheat Codes

NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition by Midway were among my favourite arcade games not just as a kid, but of all time! And apparently I’m not the only one who feels the same way. The original arcade release generated revenue of $1 billion in quarters. Boomshakalaka! Tournament Edition was the best one to own and play for the Sega Genesis or SNES. Along with the extra players per team and more catch phrases from Tim Kitzrow, the game offered a plethora of cheats including celebrity players. To Unlock Secret Players: Enter one of the following initials one letter at a time, where “_” indicates a space. Each letter must be activated by pressing Start and the corresponding button in the code column. Bill Clinton: Initials – CIC, Code – AXB Prince Charles: Initials – ROY, Code – BAX Heavy D: Initials – HVY, Code – AXB Fresh Prince: Initials – WIL, Code – YBX He’s heating up!

Who was better: Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream?

You may know it as either Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, or as simply Punch-Out!, but I know it as the best boxing game ever released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game seemed incredibly hard on first play. It would take countless tries to figure out each opponents move-set, attacks and counters. Timing was everything! The first distributed version of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! featured Mike Tyson as the final boss to defeat. Knockout Tyson and you would become Champion of the World! However, by 1990, Nintendo’s license to use Mike Tyson as a character and marquee name had expired. The game was re-released as Punch-Out! and featured Mr. Dream (a white Mike Tyson with the same move-set) as the final combatant. Rumor has it that Nintendo did this not because Tyson’s contract expired, but were concerned about his image after Tyson was incarcerated for the rape of Desiree Washington.

The Origins of Mortal Kombat’s Toasty

It’s without question that the Mortal Kombat series for the SNES and SEGA GENSIS consoles were among the best video games of the 90s, PERIOD!  Its game-play, gore, and move-set were top notch for the era. It was also one of the best video games for “unlockables”: characters, finishers, friendships, mini games and general randomness. In MK2 if you caught an opponent with the perfect uppercut you would get to see the “TOASTY” guy. As a kid I always thought he was saying “oopsy”, but that still didn’t stop me from uppercutting Player 2 to hell. I always assumed that he was one of the creators of the game, but never knew for sure. Here’s a neat little video that tells the tail of “TOASTY” and how it came to be.