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Mint Condition: Trading Cards for Fictional Athletes

Talented artist Cuyler Smith has created a series of trading cards based on fictional athletes. The series features so many great cards with characters from The Mighty Ducks, Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, Caddyshack, Space Jam, Slapshot, The Karate Kid, Rookie of the Year and the list goes on and on. Give this guy a follow on Instagram or check out his website here (where you can actually purchase this stuff!). In the meantime, here is a taste of this guy’s talents. Enjoy.  

Rumor: Nike’s new Air Jordan Space Jam 11’s released for films 20th anniversary

Rumors, they are a swirling that Nike will be releasing Air Jordan 11 Space Jam shoes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie. Need some proof, well here is a picture that supposedly does that:   So there ya go. This is gonna happen. I personally don’t see the need for a new Air Jordan shoe. I mean, Space Jam hasn’t updated their website in 20 years, so why update the shoe? They nailed both on the first try, so why mess with perfection:

Live Read of Space Jam

This is pretty self explanatory. A bunch of actor/comedians/basketball players got together one fine day and recreated the greatest movie in cinema history with a live read. That movie: Space Jam. The read features actors such as Nick Kroll, Seth Green, Ben Schwartz, Danielle Fishel, Paul Sheer and basketball stars Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan (who does a pretty damn good Charles Barkley impression). The video is a 9 minute cut of the entire read and is more cute then awesome but I still think it’s worth a watch. Enjoy! The Live Read of Space Jam with Blake Griffin from Seth Green

The Space Jam website has not changed since 1996

It’s a blast from the internet’s past! I highly recommend checking out the “STELLAR SOUVENIRS” for some awesome screen savers and pics. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to save basic images. There are step-by-step directions to help out. Honestly, you will spend the next 10-15 minutes just going through this site. Nostalgia at it’s best! Check it out: