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“I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it”: Amazing Knock Off Toys

We’ve all seen knock off toys as kids. Maybe you even owned a couple yourself. Perhaps they were a gift from a grandparent who didn’t know the difference between a genuine Ninja Turtle and a knock off Ninja Tortoise. Or maybe the knock off was a little less expensive and your dad is a very cheap man. Either way, we’ve all encountered knock off toys at some point. However, knock off toys are something that you can’t really appreciate until you are older and really see how funny these things truly are. So with that I give you a few amazing…ly bad knock offs. Enjoy! New Style Ninja Tortoise – The villain in this series is Grinder….it’s a more adult themed show. Space Boys 3 – This upsets me on so many levels. Super Robot Transformable Tomas – Some serious shit is gonna go down at Shining Time Station… Specialman – It could just be a coincidence that the Special Olympics mascot looks a lot like Superman. Super Marian – In the defense of this …

History Lesson: Chart Showing Which Superheroes Have Been Portrayed By Which Actors

This is a cool little chart that shows the actors who portrayed superheroes in film, tv, voice, etc. It even links up actors who have played multiple superheroes too (how nice of them!). Feel free to print off a copy for yourself and hang it in your bedroom. However, if you do that, make sure to put it in a frame because hanging posters is immature, but hanging posters in a frame? Oh, that’s classy as hell. Enjoy the chart! *For a higher resolution version click here.

Awkward Cartoon Moments Pt. 2

The original Awkward Cartoon Moments post we did was way back in 2013, which coincidentally was the last time I saw a girl naked. “Ben, was it really 2013 the last time you saw a girl naked? Or was it never?” You are right, it was never. I’ve never seen a girl naked. Well this is awkward…much like these cartoon photos, Enjoy!   Fairly Odd Parents I never saw this show but seeing this I am interested….very interested.   Donald Duck Every goddamn morning.   Pokemon? (Not sure what show this is) WOW! Now I know why so many guys I knew were into this show.   Naruto Maybe I shouldn’t include anymore Anime on this list. I feel like this stuff is intentional.   That’s it! I’m done with Anime! What the fuck?   Arthur He was told if he plays with it, it might go off.   Superman I would expect nothing less from the man of steel.   Spider-Man Proof that Dr. Doom sucks.  

This Day in History: First 100 Million Dollar Box Office Weekend

You know that person you constantly hear saying “no one goes to the movies anymore”? Punch that person in the face. I went to the movies last night and had to wait in line for over an hour to make sure I could get a decent seat. That’s right folks, I waited, therefore movies are still insanely popular. Boom! Solid logic. My amazing research and debate skills aside, today does mark the day that a film made over $100 million at the box office in a weekend. Can you guess what film that was? Too late! It was Spider-man back in 2002. While this was an enormous achievement at the time, breaking $100 million has now become common place for huge blockbuster movies. In fact, since 2002, Spider-Man now has fallen to 25th all time for the fastest movie to generate $100 million. You can check out the list here. For more fun facts, check out a website that actually does that kind of thing.

Live from New York…It’s Spider-Man!

Back in 1978 mind-altering drugs were all the rage. Need proof? I give you exhibit A: The comic book featured above. Apparently the plot for this gem was that Peter Parker (AKA Spider-man) and Mary Jane were attending a taping of Saturday Night Live and guess who was the host of the show that episode? Nope not the delightful Elliot Gould, it was in fact the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee. Yup. So the fictional characters of Spider-Man and Mary Jane swung by 30 Rockefeller to catch a live taping of SNL which just happened to be hosted by the individual that created them. That would be like me showing up to SNL and to see God host. Sorry Buddha, I believe in Buddha. But I digress, at some point The Silver Samurai crashes the party and it’s up to Spider-man and the Not Ready For Prime Time Players to save the day! I’m sure in the end they win and this is still an anecdote that Lorne Michaels tells to Paul Simon and Chevy …