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Famous Comedians before they were…really famous…

Just for Laughs has launched a YouTube station and it’s full of some classic content. If you aren’t familiar with Just for Laughs, it is probably the biggest comedy festival in the world and it takes place every summer in Montreal. Throughout the decades, JFL has provided some great stand-up comedy of now super-star status comedians back when they were just stars. Thanks to this YouTube page we can all go back and watch some of those stars shine instead of having to watch constant re-runs on television which always seem to feature the very unfunny Jeremy Hotz. Seriously, this guy is only funny to your not funny uncle.   Now enjoy some good comedy!   Mitch Hedberg – 1998   Chris Rock – 1987   Dave Chappelle – 2000   Jon Stewart – 1992   Bill Burr – 2004   Tracy Morgan – 2002   Louis CK – 2003

A Video Guide to Jim Carrey’s Early Stand-Up

So, as most of us know, but some may not, Jim Carrey wasn’t a test tube baby created by comedy scientists  in a lab in Canada. I can’t even begin to tell you what is wrong with that theory. However, he was a well respected stand-up comedian cutting his teeth on the road and mastering his art for years before finally getting some fame on In Living Color then hitting big when he made Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Splitsider has put together a great little video guide of Jim Carrey’s rise on the comedy scene which I think if you have ever been a real fan of Jim Carrey you should check it out, If for no other reason to see who he was before he became the 20 million dollar a movie man. Check out the video guide here.

Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg was by far my favorite stand-up comedian. Sadly he passed away back in 2005. The way I describe his humor was Jerry Seinfeld on acid. The clips here are a little G rated, but if you want to hear some great stuff check out “Mitch All together” on youtube or whatever you criminals steal your entertainment from. We miss you Mitch. Enjoy.

Denis Leary: No Cure For Cancer

I remember vividly the first time I was introduced to comedy albums. I had never heard one before and probably didn’t really know they existed. From a young age I loved Saturday Night Live and watching stand up comedy on TV, but I had no idea that a lot of these stand up acts could be found in album form. One day my family was visiting some friends out of town: The Fitzgeralds. The kids in the Fitzgerald family were a few years older than the kids in my family, but we always got along great. My sister, brother and I always looked up to them and thought they were the coolest. How cool? So cool they didn’t even have to be there to impress me. On this particular night the Fitzgerald kids were all out, so to kill time until they got back a few hours later I was told to go listen to some of the boys’ CDs and play some video games. So I did. One of the albums already in the …