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At Wonderland, Time to Get a Rock Candy

. Every time I went to Canada’s Wonderland, I was sure to purchase a rock candy or two from the incredibly expensive novelty store located conveniently right at the entrance/exit so everyone would buy said overpriced products. Now, I was always a good kid. Didn’t really do a bad thing until I was 17. But one time, at Wonderland, in the overpriced novelty store, I picked up two pieces of rock candy. I waited in line. By the time I got to the cash, I had polished off one of the pieces. So I didn’t pay for it. In essence, I stole a piece of rock candy because I destroyed the proof before I got to the cash register. I still paid for one, though, if that’s any consolation. Also, I have done far worse things since… wait. This conversation is going south, fast. I’m out. Don’t steal.

The Original Video File Sharing Service: Morpheus

At the inception of the internet age of file sharing, Morpheus was at the forefront. The trademark red, green and blue logo was the first video file sharing service I can recall. It was released in 2001 and allowed users to download music, videos and pictures for free. I was in grade 8 when it became the topic of discussion amongst my classmates. I had no idea how to use the thing, but what I did know was that I had to learn. Why?… Porn… I could download porn. For free. Pornography. To a horny, teenage male, that was the only reason I needed to figure it out. Porn. Of course Morpheus was just one of many File Sharing programs that promoted the current practise of stealing from hard working artists, musicians and actors. Did you use any of the following programs to get your fix of the free? <