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Just Watch It: 16 acoustic video game songs in 1 minute

Here is a video of Chad Neidt playing a 1 minute acoustic melody of 16 different classic video games. Personally I would have loved a little more time on on each song but you kids have fried your brains so much on game boys and Boy George records that it’s near impossible to keep your attention for more than a minute. I bet you didn’t even read this whole article did you? Nope, right to the video. Well for those of your who slugged it out to the end, here is theplaylist in order: 1. PacMan 2. Super Mario Bros. 3. The Legend of Zelda 4. Tetris — Theme A 5. Street Fighter II — Guile Theme 6. Super Metroid — Prologue 7. Sonic 2 — Chemical Plant Zone 8. Donkey Kong Country 9. Pokemon 10. Crash Bandicoot 11. Metal Gear Solid 12. Final Fantasy — “Those Who Fight Further” 13. Halo 14. Portal — Still Alive 15. Skyrim 16. Red Dead Redemption — Far Away

Guile’s theme goes with everything

William F. Guile, Trained in military martial arts, creator of the moonkick and the man who single handed saved us from the evils of M. Bison in the movie adaptation of Street Fighter (where he was portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme). But did you know his super sweet theme music goes with everything? Well it does and here is some proof. Enjoy. On Maury (you are not the father) Fresh Prince (Jump On It) Jean-Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer (that’s right, I brought it full circle!)

Street Fighter Characters: Where are you now?

We here at the Nostalgia Blog (or TNB as no one calls it) have done a couple of these where are they now?¬†pieces on both the blog and on our facebook page. However, we have not done one on fictional characters , which in most cases are even better than actors who play fictional characters. How are the better you ask? Well, um, for starters they don’t put restraining orders on you for continuously following them to their car. Jokes on you Ryan Seacrest, I didn’t want to be within 50 feet of you anyway…and binoculars are really powerful these days! My awesome hobby aside, today we visit with a few characters from one of our favourite games of all time: Street Fighter. As you can imagine, people who fought on the street for a living don’t seem to lead the most sunny and happy lives, but you can read more about that in each character’s bio. As for me, I think I see a certain celeb about to make a trip to Whole Foods, …

Street Fighters LEGO men? Yes Please.

Are your Star Wars LEGO men walking around your place like they run the joint? Well maybe you need to take them down a peg or two. Bring home these bad ass Street Fighter LEGO man and let them fight for your love! Let’s see how Hans Solo LEGO man holds up against¬† LEGO Ken and Ryu when they do their deadly yet sexually confusing double team attack! And remember when it’s all done to get all the LEGO men to make you a sandwich, to assert your dominance over them and also cause you are gonna need some energy in case those LEGO’s ever form some sort of super army and attack you. Pray that day never comes… Pray. Check out the pics.