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City Subway Maps In Super Mario 3 Style

I posted one of these on facebook the other day and it got quite the reaction so I figured I’d throw them up on the blog. This is a series of North American subway maps re-imagined as Super Mario 3 overworlds. The artists name is Dave Delisle and you can actually buy these (which is awesome) over at amazon. Take a gander and if you feel you like it, maybe shell out a few gold coins for one.

No Grandmas Needed: Guy Spends 6 Years Crocheting Super Mario 3 Blanket

This fine gentleman spent the last 6 years crocheting a Super Mario 3 blanket, so don’t give him any shit for not picking up all that laundry on the floor in the other room. Not sure how much experience he had in the past with crocheting, but I am very impressed with the end result. That’s big coming from me too, I don’t mean to brag but I’m quite the artist. Just check out this horse I drew the other day.  Pretty good huh? Anywho, check out below to see more of this awesome blanket. Enjoy!