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Traumatize Your Childhood: Cutting Open an Original Teddy Ruxpin

This is a video of from the YouTube channel What’s Inside? cutting open an original 1980’s Teddy Ruxpin toy. Ya know, because the original toy wasn’t freaky enough to begin with (you know he was created by a mad scientist right?). So, why not spend $500 to hack the thing to pieces and make it infinitely scarier? Oh and do it all while your child watches…You people make me sick. Enjoy the video!

Teddy Ruxpin Toy is Coming Back

He’s baaaaaaack. One of the most polarizing toys from my childhood is making a comeback. That’s right folks, the Teddy Ruxpin doll is back to either make your dreams come true or to haunt them. The old Teddy Ruxpin was designed to sync up with a cassette that you placed in his belly, however this new version has a 4GB hard drive and most likely will be the darling of YouTube when people hack him to do crazy things. I suggest him singing “Black Skinhead” by Kanye. The New Ruxpin doll will retail for about $100 and is designed to be more cute than the original yet somehow comes off that much more terrifying. Check out the video below for more. Enjoy!

Your Childhood Toys Might be Worth Big Bucks…

According to another site in which I found this information, your childhood toys could be worth a fortune! My guess is that the people who desire to pay these crazy prices obviously didn’t have as good a childhood as you did. My parents had the best plan for raising us, they wouldn’t buy us anything but instead made friends with rich parents so we could play with their kid’s toys. It was a flawless plan which I intend to pass on to my kids…as soon as I acknowledge their existence…which may take a while. In the mean time enjoy the frustration you will no doubt get from seeing how valuable these toys are now. Thanks for selling those super-soakers at a garage sale for $2 mom! Great call! *These are listed prices on eBay, they don’t necessarily reflect the actual value of these toys. I mean, I sold myself on eBay for $32 and I’m worth $29.50 tops.   Super Soaker: $549 on eBay   Tamagotchi: $460 on eBay   Yong T-Rex Jurassic Park Toy: …

“Real” Talking Plush Animals

Remember how much it blew our minds when stuffed animals could all of a sudden talk? I think the first was the Teddy Ruxpin toy in which you had to install a tape into his back. The products got better and better over the years until they capped out with Real Talking Bubba who could actually react to what you did with him. I can only assume (based on his accent) Bubba was a racist and could never catch on in the “mainstream” toy world. Somewhere in China (where I assume these toys were made) there is some freaky ass talking dumpster asking people to “stand me on my  head please”. How freaky would that be?