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Woody Woodpecker

The owner of one of the most recognizable laughs ever, who didn’t love Woody Woodpecker? Well most of the other cartoons characters on his show as it would seem. They always seemed to be trying to kill him. And you know what? I get it. Honestly, Woody is a pretty annoying little brat. He always just wants to get up in people’s business for no other reason then the fact that he is a jerk. So I say we murder this freak! Common guys! …I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.  I’m just a little upset today. I just found out my girlfriend is sleeping with a woodpecker. I know it sounds physically impossible, but it’s either she is sleeping with a woodpecker or that guy Dave that is always at her house and there is no way it’s Dave, that guy is awesome as shit. Enjoy the clip. Advertisements

Tiny Toons & They Might Be Giants: Particle Man

They Might Be Giants. A band you MIGHT not know. But you really should…well maybe not…you know what, lets just start over. Back in the day there was a sweet cartoon called Tiny Toons. It was awesome. What you may not remember is that they teamed up with a little known band called They Might Be Giants to make a couple pretty cool videos that aired on the show. The first of these videos we will be featuring is Particle Man. There is no real description for the videos that will do them any justice, I suggest you just give them a look and they say to yourself “OH! I remember this!”

Awesome Moments in TV History: Paul Shaffer has a question for Julia Roberts

Paul Shaffer is (and may possibly always be) the best band leader in Late Night. He is unbelievably talented musically and his chemistry with David Letterman is the stuff of legends. Most of Paul Shaffer’s funniest moments are based on the weird sounds he makes when Letterman makes quick joke (my favorite Paul Shaffer sound being: Mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). However, every now and then Shaffer would whip out a gem worthy of the ages and on a random night back in 2001 such a moment happened. Enjoy.

Failed pilot of Justice League of America

Do you love Superman? How about Batman? and Wonder Woman? Well then you would HATE this (let’s say comedy?) version of The Justice League of America. You can read a much more in depth article here at splitsider, but basically back in 1997 CBS created one of the worst attempts of a superhero based television show. Ever. While the show did have recognizable characters such as The Flash and Green Lantern, they filled out the rest of the cast with a whose-who of superhero shit, with names like Fire, The Atom and Ice. It is claimed that the producers wanted to avoid big superhero names so not to draw too much of an “audience” that would point out all the flaws in the show. Yeah, cause that’s how you make a TV show popular CBS, by avoiding drawing audiences. I guess they had confidence in drawing healthy numbers to the show with the greatest super villain ever, The Weatherman – who was just an evil weatherman… …Sorry, my brain stopped working for a second there. Anyway, …