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He Told You He’d Be Back: Terminator 2 Coming to Theaters in 3D Next Year

While the date has not yet officially been set, it seems that one of the greatest action movies in history (ya know, right after Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) will be returning to theaters in 3D next year. Which movie you ask? Are…are you serious? I mean, it’s right there in the title, plus there is a picture of the poster. Really? You still don’t know? It’s Terminator 2. Wow, you’re not too bright are you?

It’s okay that you can’t read: Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers

This is a huge collection of Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers by Joey Spiotto. They span across some of our favorite TV shows, movies, music and video games and are just delightful. The subtle attention to detail in some of these covers is just amazing. Good news for all of us who no reed goode, they’rejust covers! So no reading needed! Enjoy! Check out more of these amazing covers here.

Ottoman Pop Culture Pictures

Remember when the Ottoman Empire ruled for 623 years (from 1299 to 1922)? Of course you do, I feel stupid just for asking. Well during that reign they created some cool art called Ottoman art – ¬†or paintings if you will. Anywho, some dude has decided to take this art form and put it to our favourite movies of all time! I know right? What a sweetheart. So without any more delay, here is the pop culture art 700 years in the making! I hope I’m not over hyping this…Enjoy! Alien A Clockwork Orange Goodfellas Pulp Fiction The Shining Star Wars Terminator 2