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Still better guests than Joaquin Phoenix: The Avengers on David Letterman

Back in 1983, life was a bit different. David Letterman was on NBC and…actually, come to think of it. I think that is the only difference between now and 1983. I better call my mom on my rotary phone to double check though. Anywho, back in 1983 while Letterman was hosting the Late Night Show on NBC he was joined by The Avengers. Yup, so, that happened (albeit in comic book form). Seriously how much cocaine did people do back in the 80s? I bet the Top 10 list was amazing though.

Childhood Heroes in Ancient Scrolls

These Hero-Glyphic photos were drawn artist John Lane and let me tell ya folks, they are pretty great. Not only do they look cool, they also scientifically prove that the Ninja Turtles and Star Trek pre-date the pyramids, so it should now be okay to watch old episodes in school instead of attending history class. You may ask “how do these drawings prove anything either scientifically or historically?” and to that I say, what do I look like? A teacher? If you want to buy some of these bad boys, they are for sale here.

Wear your childhood!: Nostalgia inspired clothing

Little Mermaid and Star Wars inspired scarves? Skirts and dresses inspired by Goosebumps and Power Rangers? Where do I sign up? Also, where do I find out if it is socially acceptable for a grown man to wear a dress? ANSWER ME! Sorry about that, I just got so excited about these clothes. I’m almost as excited as my girlfriend…would be…if she existed… Anywho, Catherine McDermott over at CANDYPANTS Clothing has taken vintage bedsheets and pillowcases (apparently it is possible to make a pillowcase into something other than a candy bag at Halloween, who knew?) and turned them into some pretty sweet clothing and accessories. And get this, they are all for sale! YAY! Check out below to see some of the sweet items you can find at CANDYPANTS and if anyone has me for Secret Santa this year, I’m a size…I dunno…let’s say 36?