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But Can We All Live In It?: Beatles’ Yellow Submarine LEGO Set

In more proof that LEGO is for adults and not children, they have announced the release of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine set this November. The set will consist of over 550 pieces, costs $60 and includes John, Paul, George and Ringo minifigs. So for those still debating who the greatest Beatle is, I ask you this: How many songs sung by John, Paul or George got LEGO sets made of them? I thought so. Check out more pictures and a video below. Enjoy!

Batman Meets The Beatles…Kind Of….

In the continuing journey of these bat-shit crazy (pardon the pun, I ate a lot of cheese) crossovers comes Batman and The Beatles! Well sort of. Actually, when this comic came out in 1970 I guess DC Comics didn’t actually have consent from The Beatles to be in the issue. So in true 70s fashion (I’m guessing, I wasn’t alive) DC simply stole their likenesses and renamed the band The Oliver Twists. I am assuming there big hit was ‘Twist and Yell Loudly”. The Plot of the comic was that one of the lead singers ‘Saul’ is apparently dead and Batman and Robin has to disprove it or something. The story line is clearly based on the whole Paul McCartney is dead rumor from years earlier. For more on this whole Paul is dead thing, please see this interview.

Did you catch that?: The Simpsons have reenacted many famous photos over the years

There is no doubt that The Simpsons have some of the best (and most clever) jokes you’ll ever hear on television. But what makes this show truly amazing are some of the subtle jokes that most of us miss in the original airing and only catch later on by re-watching the episode or through posts like this. With that said, here are some examples of times The Simpsons reenacted famous photos. See how many you caught originally, then make sure to lie to your friends when you show them this and say you knew every single one. Enjoy! Abe Simpson at Woodstock 1969   The Simpsons reenacting the iconic photo of fleeing Americans during the fall of Saigon   Bart doing his best Betty Grable impression   Lisa being sworn in as Little Miss Springfield is almost as iconic as when Lyndon Johnson was right after the assassination of JFK…almost.   The Be-Sharps like The Beatles were bigger than Jesus…   General Sherman and The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)   The time Mr. Burns and …

Covers vs Originals (pt. 8) “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

This installment of Covers vs Originals is a pretty cool one. It features a battle between a movie based on the music of The Beatles and…well…The Beatles. Here is a little background for you. Back in 2007 a movie was released titled “Across The Universe“. The film’s plot is centered on songs by The Beatles and follows the cast through 1966 and the era of free love, the Vietnam war, civil rights and Bono from U2 doing a cover of “I AM The Walrus”. The movie itself didn’t get much of a look but I for one quite enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys musicals and The Beatles (judging by how this movie did commercially, I’m guessing there aren’t too many people who do in fact enjoy both). However, what was successful (at least somewhat) about this movie was the enjoyment of many of the Beatles covers. I know people who love songs from this movie that: A. Haven’t seen the movie and B. Aren’t aware they are Beatles covers. The …