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You Got The Job: Rare Celebrity Audition Tapes

This video will be (if it isn’t already) all the rage very soon. It features 40 clips of rare celebrity auditions for roles in all of your favorite movies. Some of these actors got the roles and some didn’t. It’s pretty crazy to see some amazing actors lose out on roles and then see Megan Fox appear to flub her lines (I could be wrong on that) yet still get the role. Sunrise, Sunset. Anywho, the auditions include: Martin Freeman and Bennedict Cumberbatch – “Sherlock” Robert Downey JR – “Backdraft” Brad Pitt – “Backdraft” Leonardo DiCaprio – “Outsiders” Lindsay Lohan – “The Parent Trap” Robert de Niro – “Godfather” Alyson Hannigan – “American Pie” Michael Cera – “Superbad” Sophie Turner – “Game of Thrones” Selena Gomez – “Wizards of Waverly Place” Megan Fox – “Transformers” Natalie Portman – “Leon: The Professional” Matthew Fox – “Lost” Ellen Page – “Juno” Russell Brand – “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Jennifer Connelly – “Blue Heaven” Hugh Laurie – “House M.D” Hugh Jackman – “X-Men” Raven Symone – “The Cosby Show” …

The Cosby Show: Cliff’s Nightmare

Halloween is full of nightmares and candy! Mostly candy, but nightmares seem to slip their way in as well. And let me tell you, nobody had a nightmare quite like Dr. Cliff Huxtable one evening on The Cosby Show. After Cliff decided to have a spicy sandwich before bed (which everyone knows causes nightmares) he had a Muppet of a nightmare…because The Muppets were in it. Take a look at the what transpired. *The whole episode is below, if you just want to see the Muppets start the video at 11:10.