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Mint Condition: Trading Cards for Fictional Athletes

Talented artist Cuyler Smith has created a series of trading cards based on fictional athletes. The series features so many great cards with characters from The Mighty Ducks, Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, Caddyshack, Space Jam, Slapshot, The Karate Kid, Rookie of the Year and the list goes on and on. Give this guy a follow on Instagram or check out his website here (where you can actually purchase this stuff!). In the meantime, here is a taste of this guy’s talents. Enjoy.  

If The Mighty Ducks Movie Characters Played For Today’s NHL Ducks

The great people over at BarDown made a pretty cool photo series of what it would look like if the stars of Disney’s The Mighty Ducks played for the current incarnation of The NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. For those of you who don’t know, the Anaheim Ducks were originally owned by Disney and were named The Mighty Ducks after the popular kids movie. Years later, the team was sold and “Mighty” was dropped from the team name leaving us with simply The Anaheim Ducks. So what if the stars of that movie played for the current Ducks team? Here is a hint: It would look like someone photoshopped the actors heads on current players bodies. It would also look like a bunch of teens playing in the NHL…Enjoy! Fulton Reed Greg “Goldie” Goldberg Russ Tyler Connie Moreau Lester Averman Gordon Bombay   DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! …also, remember when the Edmonton Oilers actually did this in a game?

“We eat what we like” 90s Apple Jacks Commercials

Why did we like Apple Jacks cereal so much if it didn’t taste like apples? Answer: BECAUSE IT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE APPLES! As a kid, if I wanted to eat something that tasted like an apple you know what I would have eaten? A goddamn apple! I ate Apple Jacks because they tasted like sugar, delicious, delicious sugar. But you can’t put that in an ad campaign, so instead the tagline “we eat what we like” was created for Apple Jacks. And considering they had the money to hire two kids from Disney’s The Mighty Ducks, Buzz from Home Alone and a young and unknown Julia Styles (whose career whereabouts are now unknown) I think the ad worked pretty well. Enjoy.

Flying V: Mighty Ducks Reunion

It’s been 20 years since we learned that calling someone a “cake eater” was somehow an insult. That’s right it’s been 20 years since The Mighty Ducks flew into our hearts with the Flying V. Noticeably missing were Gordan Bombay and Charlie Conway (I choose not to use their real names as it gives credit to the theory that this was in fact a scripted movie and not a documentary as I believe). I’m sure they are pursuing other possible hockey jobs…or dead in a ditch, who is to know. Either was here are a few pics from the reunion. Enjoy!

It’s about time: Former NHL Ref reviews plays from The Mighty Ducks

The good folks over at Bar Down have done something fantastic! While Disney’s The Mighty Ducks is a near perfect movie from childhood when I re-watched it in my adult years I actually had some pretty big problems with the film. Now, there are a ton of movie and shows you love as a child then re-watch as an adult and realize that they are in fact terrible. This is not really the case with The Mighty Ducks. Having played hockey most of my life, the actual hockey scenes were almost unbearable to watch. However, it was not the manner in which the scenes were shot but the absurdity of what the players in the movie would get away with! I mean they aren’t even wearing regulation equipment! I know it’s a kids movie and whatever, but it still bothered me. Well wouldn’t you know it, apparently I wasn’t the only one. No, this issue bothered the people at Bar Down so much that they brought in retired NHL Ref (and 90s hair model) Kerry …