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Can we stop doing this now?: Our 1000th Post!

Normally you check out The Nostalgia Blog to get a half-assed summary of some obscure pop culture reference from your childhood…or you are an advertising robot who is promoting some very random product in our comment section. Either way we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our readers! We really enjoy writing this blog and although we might not be putting out as much content as we have in the past (I mean what the hell happened to our Throwback Thursday videos?) we will keep on writing if you keep on reading. A special thanks to sites like The Credible Hulk who promote the shit out of our posts weekly. We really appreciate that. Thanks again for the all the support and please like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube page (before it gets shut down for another year and a half…that was fun).

Help Support Our New TV Show! (We aren’t asking for money)

Yes, this really is just a shameless plug for an outside project…. The guys from The Nostalgia Blog (Matt and Ben), along with our talented friend, Evan, are writing a new TV series for Canadian audiences. The show is called “Hollywood North” and is entered in CBC’s ComedyCoup challenge. We will try not to bother you guys too much, but if you can (and we would love it if you would), go to¬† and SIGN UP/VOTE for Hollywood North. We will be releasing weekly videos starting this Monday. WATCH OUR TEASER HERE

We made a TV show!

Hey Guys, We are extremely excited to let you know that myself (Matthew) and Ben, the creators of The Nostalgia Blog have produced and written a television series about to air in Canada called Free-Loading. It’s our take on a Tosh.0, where our good buddy and Nostalgia enthusiast Evan Cooper (@EvanJamesCooper) reviews the best and worst of the internet while counting down a Top 10 List of viral videos. It may not be nostalgia themed but it does feature it’s fair share of references that only us 80s/90s kids would understand. Check it out Sunday, January 26 at 10:30pm ET on BITE TV

Happy Birthday Nostalgia Blog

Can you believe it, it’s our Birthday! Did you buy us anything? No…..Why not? Either way, still come on in and celebrate with us as The Nostalgia Blog turns 2 years old. The Nostalgia Blog started when my good friend and co-founder Ben Gulka came to me with an idea to start his own blog seeing if the things he was nostalgic about still hold up to today’s standards. I thought it was a great idea and weaseled my way into it. Since then we’ve had others join us in reminiscing and hit some major accomplishments that we never thought were possible. In our two years we have written over 1,000 blog posts (although some really can’t be considered “writing”), our videos reached more than 1million hits on YouTube (that was right before our account was suspended for copyright infringement), and our blog has been read by tens of thousands of readers. For that we say THANK YOU! In the new year we promise to keep the nostalgia coming! And promise that we will make …