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Wait…What?: Archie Meets The Punisher

Just 3 years after Archie and the gang got a visit from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Riverdale had a new more…ah…different kind of visitor. The Punisher. Yes, the dark comic anti-hero from Marvel known for ya know, killing people. The plot was that The Punisher was in town looking for a drug dealer that looked like Archie. I’m sure a series of hilarious murders ensued. Also, it appears Josie and the Pussycats were there based on the cover art. Cause why not? Am I right?  

Remember the Titans? It had “that guy” from “that show”

I just had this random thought the other day. I have done no research to back this up, but to be honest, I don’t know if you can because this is based on my opinion. And what is my opinion you ask? Well thanks for asking so politely and here it is: Remember The Titans might have the greatest collection of “that guy” actors ever. Now what is a “that guy” actor you ask? Wow, you are so inquizative today. Well, “that guy” actors are actors whose names you do not know but you have seen and recognize from one or a number of other films, TV shows, etc. Please allow me to present my case: Point #1: Will Patton Will Patton is a very established “that guy” actor, almost to the point that you know his name, but you don’t and that is where the magic of “that guy” is made. Patton is a seasoned vet in the acting game with notable appearances in movies such as Armageddon, The Punisher as well as countless …

Wink Yahoo, The Punisher and Young Kids. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh! ran from 1997-2003 on YTV (the greatest station of all time for nostalgia purposes). Hosted by Wink Yahoo and starring the Punisher, young Canadian kids teamed up to answer questions correctly for a chance at a grand prize. Essentially, it was a game show. But I don’t feel the need explain any more of this show, because if you had even an ounce of awesomeness during its run, you watched Uh Oh! This show was brilliant. Actually funny. And educational. Wink was the man!