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I Choo-Choo-Choose You: Kickstarter to make Simpsons Parody Products

I’m a little late to the game on this KickStarter but better late then never I guess. This is a fantastic KickStarter campaign by Matthew Heister to make Simpsons Parody Products. Here are some of the products that are in the making: The category for this KickStarter is under “art” so I doubt there is real alcohol in the Vagrant’s Choice scotch or actual directions on “How to COOK for forty HUMANS” (space dust doesn’t seem to be included either) but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting all this junk! The link can be found here:

The Simpsons Amazing Movie References

We could easily dedicate an entire year on this blog to all the amazing jokes and references The Simpsons have made through their incredible 20+ year run and we would barely scratch the surface. That would mostly be because I am very lazy and would likely only write about 6 posts in that entire year. With that, I thought it would be fun to go over some of the amazing (near shot-for-shot) movie references The Simpsons have made. So why don’t we do that? Enjoy.   The Birds   Close Encounters of the Third Kind   All The President’s Men   Gold Rush   Batman (1989)   It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World   Public Enemy   Sorcerer   Cape Fear

Ya You Did!: Couple Replicates The Simpsons Kitchen In Their Home

A Canadian couple has transformed their kitchen into a replica of The Simpsons’ kitchen. This truly must be the happiest couple in the world! So happy and totally 100% into this project that the woman’s significant other never seems to be mentioned in the news piece or seen at any point. I have a feeling it’s just a cat…which may or may not be alive… Anywho, any time someone does a project like this, I give them full props! It’s every kids dream to grow up and turn a part of their home into an homage to a childhood show. I turned my bathroom into a complete recreation of Speed Racer! Well, actually I just put racing stripes on my toilet…but it still looks super awesome! Check out the video below to find out more about this interesting project. There are more pictures below of the kitchen. Enjoy!  

I Never Caught That: The Simpsons Eddie and Lou in background out of uniform

Eddie and Lou are minor characters at best on The Simpsons, usually good for a laugh here and there but otherwise not an big part of the main cast of characters. With that said, although I do consider myself a pretty big fan of the Simpsons (well at least the first 15 seasons), I for one completely missed this easter egg by the animators even after seeing this episode dozens of times. The episode is “Lisa on Ice” from 1994. Look closely at the crowd shot and you’ll see it. Yes, there they are! Eddie and Lou sitting behind Homer and Marge out of uniform. MIND BLOWN! Over 20 years from it’s original airing and after multiple viewings, there are still things to find in this episode I had never noticed before. Just amazing.

Did you catch that?: The Simpsons have reenacted many famous photos over the years

There is no doubt that The Simpsons have some of the best (and most clever) jokes you’ll ever hear on television. But what makes this show truly amazing are some of the subtle jokes that most of us miss in the original airing and only catch later on by re-watching the episode or through posts like this. With that said, here are some examples of times The Simpsons reenacted famous photos. See how many you caught originally, then make sure to lie to your friends when you show them this and say you knew every single one. Enjoy! Abe Simpson at Woodstock 1969   The Simpsons reenacting the iconic photo of fleeing Americans during the fall of Saigon   Bart doing his best Betty Grable impression   Lisa being sworn in as Little Miss Springfield is almost as iconic as when Lyndon Johnson was right after the assassination of JFK…almost.   The Be-Sharps like The Beatles were bigger than Jesus…   General Sherman and The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)   The time Mr. Burns and …