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Tiny Toons & They Might Be Giants: Istanbul

You know who They Might Be Giants are now? C’mon! They wrote the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle! Gawd! Anyway, this is a video that again some of you probably remember, but for sure this song is a more well known TMBG…I dunno…hit? One listen and I am sure you will remember this song and if you don’t, well, apparently I don’t know you that well. So can you really blame me for all those terrible Christmas presents? All that aside, enjoy Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants and Tiny Toons!

Tiny Toons & They Might Be Giants: Particle Man

They Might Be Giants. A band you MIGHT not know. But you really should…well maybe not…you know what, lets just start over. Back in the day there was a sweet cartoon called Tiny Toons. It was awesome. What you may not remember is that they teamed up with a little known band called They Might Be Giants to make a couple pretty cool videos that aired on the show. The first of these videos we will be featuring is Particle Man. There is no real description for the videos that will do them any justice, I suggest you just give them a look and they say to yourself “OH! I remember this!”