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The Kessel run in 12 parsecs: Star Wars Themed Kites

Here are some pretty awesome looking Star Wars themed kites from ThinkGeek. They come in Death Star, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and R2-D2 varieties, and cost $40 each. I’m not sure what the going rate on kites these days are but $40 for a kite that can like make it to outer-space is a pretty good deal. Keep in mind, I am only assuming these kites can go to outer-space as they look like spaceships. I always think things that look like other things can do the same thing. I’ve never been right before, but I’m pretty sure I am now. Enjoy more pics and a video of these space-bound kites!  

Nintendo Game Box Shower Curtain

This is a Nintendo themed shower curtain for sale from ThinkGeek. It is made in the image of an oldschool Nintendo cartridge game box but features a clear window to put you in the game! All your dreams are coming true! Well…that is if your dream was to be taking a shower while looking like you are in a Nintendo game…also, unless your shower is facing a mirror you can’t really see yourself, especially through all the steam. Even if you could see your reflection, everything would be backwards… But who cares, it’s Nintendo! The curtain retails for $25 and can be found here.