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Thunder in Paradise

I watched this show every week when I was a kid. It was mostly because I was a big wrestling fan back then and this show would have cameos from wrestlers and starred the biggest wrestler of his time Hulk Hogan, although he went by Terry “Hulk” Hogan for the show (no one wants to know your name!) I also had a soft spot for the show because I got to tour the set before the show premiered on a family trip to…I want to say Disney World? Yeah that sounds about right. My lack of memory for where the set was located goes hand and hand with my lack of memory for what this show was about. I think they were police or maybe Fed-Ex employees…who can remember. Anyway, one fact I remember about the show was the mellow tones of the opening theme song didn’t seem to match the action packed intensity of what the show was trying to be. Although, I could be wrong, you decide: