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Wheaties Box Athletes

What is the ultimate goal of an athlete? To play professionally? To win a championship? To win an Olympic medal? To beat the domestic abuse/blood doping accusation? The answer is yes to everyone of those questions because athletes are greedy. However, while setting out to accomplish all of those goals they may end up on the cover of a Wheaties box and they will also pretend like that is the highlight of their career even though we know it isn’t. With that said, there was a time when being on a Wheaties box was a huge deal (at least to the kids who ate the cereal and wanted nothing more than to be that athlete on the box). I don’t think being on a Wheaties box carries the gravitas it once did back in the day, my breakfast is now a steady diet of left over pizza and diet Rockstar energy drinks (gotta keep the calories down somewhere). Frankly, I don’t really care, this is The Nostalgia Blog and we are all about talking about …

10 Years Ago: Tiger Woods Incredible Shot and Equally Terrible High Five

It was a great moment for Tiger Woods, Nike Golf and awkward high fives! If you didn’t know, it was The Masters this past weekend (call your dad and he’ll tell you all about it) and in honor of that we are taking a look back 10 years (yes this happened 10 years ago!) to relive one of Tiger Woods and golf’s most iconic shots. Woods made a sensational chip, aiming 20 feet (6┬ám) to the left of the hole and using the sloping green to run the ball towards the hole. The ball crept towards the cup and appeared to stop on the lip of the hole before toppling in for a dramatic birdie. Tiger went on to win his 4th Green Jacket as Masters Champion but we’ll never forget the best part of this shot…his amazing lack of high five skills with his caddy: Enjoy the clip!