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Iconic roles that nearly went to other actors

  Will Smith as Neo in The Matrix Oh, this almost happened. It’s always to fun to look at “what ifs” when it comes to movies. A great example is the above. Yes, Will Smith was originally cast to play Neo in The Matrix movies. A couple of interesting “what ifs” come out of this. First, how different would The Matrix be with Will Smith as the lead instead of Keanu Reeves? I mean it’s safe to say Keanu put his own “Keanu” spin on the role. Also how different (and by that I mean how much worse) would the movie Wild Wild West have been had Will Smith not been in it? Yes, Will Smith passed up The Matrix to do Wild Wild West. While, this move did not hurt Will Smith’s career at all, you can make the argument it was probably the best thing to ever happen to Keanu Reeves.   Molly Ringwald as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman It’s hard to picture anyone but Julia Roberts in this role but Molly Ringwald …

Television Interview Fights

This is a clip from the late 90s (maybe early 2000s) from the hit show Inside Edition. It contains some of the most classic television interviews gone wrong. A few of these really take me back and I was lucky enough to even see a couple of these interviews live (Madonna on Letterman and Magnum P.I. on Rosie). Awkward interviews are like car accidents: you don’t want to see a dead body being pulled from the wreckage, much like you don’t want to see an argument get heated, but you can’t help but look. In the end it makes great TV and without a doubt Letterman is the king when it comes to it. Check out this article from cracked on his 9 most awkward interview.

Tom Selleck Predicts the future in 1993 (a must watch)

Back in 1993, in a series of commercials by AT&T voiced by Magnum himself, Tom Selleck, the future was predicted. While the predictions weren’t that outlandish, they still were surprisingly accurate. Naming things like online book downloads, GPS systems and basically the IPAD. The only thing they were really off on was that people would still use phone booths. Got you on that one morons! Check it out: