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Every Movie Ever Dances to ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

The Uptown Funk legend continues! A few months back someone re-cut a bunch of movies to sing this song. Now someone has made a video of pretty much every dance scene from every movie ever (or at least 100 movies) and re-cut them to get down to the funky beats of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. It’s as good as you think it will be. Enjoy!

Shut up and watch! Hell’s Club: The Ultimate Nostalgia Mashup

I don’t even know how to explain this. But here goes. This is a video by YouTuber Antonio Maria Da Silva AMDSFILMS (his videos are as random as his name) about a club called Hell’s Club. The unique thing about Hell’s Club is that it features a fine gumbo of Nostalgic characters from some of our favorite movies (including multiple Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor and Al Pacino characters). Like I said, this video is hard to explain (at least for me) but if you ever wanted to see what it would look like if you got Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Austin Powers, The Terminator, Michael Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Blade, Tony Montana, RoboCop, Darth Vader, The Night at the Roxbury Guys, that chick from Flashdance as well countless other movie character in one club, this is the video to watch. Enjoy.

‘Uptown Funk’ Performed By 280 Different Movies

This is the song ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson (but really by Bruno Mars, AMIRIGHT?) covered with the help of dialogue from 280 movies. It took YouTuber dondrapersayswhat over 3 months to make which is pretty impressive considering it took me two and half months just to write this post (I took a lot of pee breaks). I think the final product is pretty great but don’t believe me, just watch. Enjoy!