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Gunther better work there!: Central Perk Cafe Coming to Toronto

Toronto will apparently become the latest city (joining NYC, Sydney, Beijing and Liverpool) to have their very own Central Perk Cafe. The cafe opens in June and will supposedly give out prizes to customers who come in dressed as FRIENDS characters…so I guess people with gel in their hair and wearing t-shirts tucked into khaki pants. The attention to detail will supposedly be uncanny so this should be a big draw for die-hard FRIENDS fans. I just finally hope it answers the question of how 6 more or less fully employed people can spend 60% of their lives in a cafe and still afford to live in New York…Also I hope the barista has bleach blonde hair.

Trials with my Ridiculously Heavy TV

Being a spoiled child, I once received a $600, twenty seven inch LG television for Christmas that looked remarkably similar to the one pictured above. I was so excited because at the time, flat screen technology was just being ingratiated into society. Now, it was a flat screen TV, but it was also around 50 pounds. Fucking thing was heavy. Like, 100 pounds. I had this thing for about 8 years and moved it several times, often all by myself. I moved it from house to house in Bracebridge. I moved it to and from Toronto – and back again. And then back to Bracebridge. Now you can imagine how annoying it was for a weak bastard like myself to continue moving this 160 pound television all the time. So, when I decided to move to Waterloo, I made the easy decision to do away with my 27 inch, $600, 250 pound flat screen LG TV. Now I own a 46 inch Samsung LCD flat screen beauty that looks like the picture below. And it …