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Ironically Funny: If Pixar Movies Ended at the Sad Parts

I mean, if it happened in the theaters, no doubt people would be traumatized. I expected to find this quite sad but instead found myself laughing. I don’t know what that says about me. Probably that I am an awesome tough guy who doesn’t cry at anything! Except in Top Gun when Goose died. Oh, and at sunsets (they are so majestic). OH! and when I do long division and I have a remainder (just like Milhouse!). But after that and like…I dunno…1,000 other things, I barely cry at anything. Now, please enjoy this video, I gotta go because just thinking about how loyal our readers are is getting me a little choked up…

“I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it”: Amazing Knock Off Toys

We’ve all seen knock off toys as kids. Maybe you even owned a couple yourself. Perhaps they were a gift from a grandparent who didn’t know the difference between a genuine Ninja Turtle and a knock off Ninja Tortoise. Or maybe the knock off was a little less expensive and your dad is a very cheap man. Either way, we’ve all encountered knock off toys at some point. However, knock off toys are something that you can’t really appreciate until you are older and really see how funny these things truly are. So with that I give you a few amazing…ly bad knock offs. Enjoy! New Style Ninja Tortoise – The villain in this series is Grinder….it’s a more adult themed show. Space Boys 3 – This upsets me on so many levels. Super Robot Transformable Tomas – Some serious shit is gonna go down at Shining Time Station… Specialman – It could just be a coincidence that the Special Olympics mascot looks a lot like Superman. Super Marian – In the defense of this …

Supercut of Pixar Film References

This is a pretty great little supercut of all the film references made by Pixar over the years. Even with them lined up side-by-side a still only got about 70% of them. Although, I was looking at the weird cat outside my window for about 30% of the time, so that might explain it. Oh wait, that’s not a cat. It’s a frying pan with a hat on. How did that thing get a hat? Alright, I gotta look into this more. Enjoy the video!

Childhood Ruined: Inappropriate Cartoon Jokes You Didn’t Get When You Were Little

Childhood might be ruined but this sure as shit gives me hope for if I ever have to watch cartoons with kids. This is a great little video by Ranker pointing out some jokes made in cartoons that may have been a little over our heads when we first saw them. Some of them are pretty clever and that is probably the reason the sensors never caught them. So with that, enjoy the video!

Worth it: Guy Spends Two Years Recreating A Real-Life Andy’s Room From Toy Story 3

This guy has way more time, talent and enthusiasm then I do for sure. Behold a real life recreation of Andy’s room from the movie Toy Story 3! It is pretty impressive, a few of these picture I needed to do a double-take on because it was hard to tell what was real and what was animated. You may ask why someone would take the time to do this. Well, apparently this guy and a few of his friends are getting set to make a live action fan film of Toy Story. That’s a good enough excuse for me. Enjoy the pictures!