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Disney/NFL Logo Mash-Ups

Folks @AK47_studios/Instagram. has done it again! This time they are back with NFL/Disney Logo Mash-Up! If you need more explaining than that, well then I guess I didn’t do my job very well. Enjoy the Mash-Up!   The Lion King/Detroit Lions   The Little Mermaid/Miami Dolphins   Finding Nemo/San Francisco 49ers   Beauty and the Beast/St. Louis Rams   Toy Story/Dallas Cowboys   Pirates of the Caribbean/Oakland Raiders   Snow White/Pittsburgh Steelers   The Lion King/Denver Broncos   Goofy/Minnesota Vikings   Lilo and Stitch/Carolina Panthers   Hercules/Tennessee Titans   Aladdin/New Orleans Saints   Peter Pan/Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Pinocchio/Washington   Mulan/San Diego Chargers   Sleeping Beauty/Baltimore Ravens

Makeup Artist Turns Lips into Cartoon Characters

In a form of art (that is in no way shape or form making me the slightest bit confused to why it’s turning me on), makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has converted her lips into our favorite childhood cartoons! Now let us all enjoy this incredible makeup work and ignore the fact that these photos are making me realize that I may never get an erection again unless Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is involved…man…I got some issues to work out. Enjoy the pictures!

Randy Newman makes fun of short people

It’s hard to reflect of some of the most iconic Pixar/Disney films without having fond memories of their soundtrack/score. Toy Story, for instance, is a film that always brings me a fuzzy warm feeling when I see the opening credits. Not only am I reminded of the loveable characters, but the films title track “You got a friend in me” will always transport me to a simpler, happier time. And whether it be the Toy Story films, Cars, A Bug’s Life or even Meet the Parents, those films wouldn’t pack the same punch without the musical stylings of one Randy Newman. If you’re not familiar with Randy Newman, here’s his story….He’s a musician who had minor success in the 1970’s but didn’t find his true calling till the 90’s when he partnered with Disney to make soundtracks for the films listed above. His voice and style are very whimsical making his songs simple, silly and fun. Oddly enough one of his biggest solo hits was a song that was wildly misinterpreted. The track was called …

GTA IV/Toy Story: ‘You got a friend in me’

I am laughing my ass off yet terrified at the same time. I haven’t had this kind of emotional roller coaster since the ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ tv series. You see, Harry was funny, but he was still a Sasquatch which is terrifying! Anywho, enjoy this hilarious yet disturbing video of Woody in Grand Theft Auto IV set to the equally horrifying music of Randy Newman.

Live Action Toy Story

Well somebody who enjoys Toy Story waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I do decided it would be a good use of their time to go ahead and create a shot for shot live action remake of the iconic animated movie. Now, I am not going to sit here and pretend I have watched the whole thing, I pay a guy to do that. I pay him to pretend, not to watch movies. I mean pay someone to watch movies? Common, that’s a waste of money? Anywho, I am certain these fine lads surely put in a lot of effort and the fact that over 10 million people have watched an hour and twenty minute video on YouTube says they did a fine job! So enjoy (or at least skim over) Live Action Toy Story.