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I wanted a Power Wheels so bad!

Let’s be honest, any kid who had a Power Wheels Jeep or even the Power Wheels Barbie Car was king shit! Power Wheels was a brand of battery-powered cars for kids. They were realistic, some had real working FM radios, opening/closing doors & hoods and ran forward and backward. What 5 year old had their own car? Well, the ones whose parents really loved them…or had money to afford a Power Wheels. I like in the advertisements they have to say “parents assemble them easily”, which means they were a pain in the ass to put together.

Lazer Tag: Awesome if you had someone to play with

Lazer Tag was a really awesome toy that was popular in the 80s and 90s. You got to wear these cool vests, run around with cool space-age guns and shoot invisible lasers at your friends. Sounds great right? Not exactly. Here was the fundamental problems with Lazer Tag. The kit itself only came with one gun and one vest. So if your parents only bought you one kit (like my parents did), you had no one to play with. Also, the kit was expensive so not many kids would have the toy to begin with. And finally, there were rumors that some kid went blind after getting a laser shot in the eye (not true), so then parents really didn’t want to spend the money on the toy. I had one gun and one vest and never got to play a real game. Thanks mom and dad.

Silly Putty – Entertained for days

The biggest proof that times have changed….I remember back in the day when a kid would entertained be for hours with nothing more than a blob of Silly Putty. It bounces, breaks and even flows like liquid. I’m sure it’s still on the market, but I don’t imagine kids bringing it to school for show-and-tell like they used to. Check out this classic ad for it:

Toy Aisles from our childhood

I recently saw a few pictures floating online of toy aisles from the 80s. I was more a 90s kid, but man did these photos bring me back. Some of my most found childhood memories is going to the local Bi-Way (a Canadian store that doesn’t exist anymore) and checking out the multi-aisle toy section. I remember there being an aisle just for the 90’s WWF Hasbro Action Figures… Anyway, here is a collection of photos that are sure to bring you back to your youth.

Fingerboarding…it’s not as dirty as it sounds

Do you guys remember fingerboards? I guess they are still around, but have died down in popularity since their late 1990’s boom. A fingerboard is an exact replica (1:8 scale) of a skateboard that you can “ride” with your fingers. While many consider theses a 90’s toy, the first fingerboard toys were around in the 1970’s and became a novelty attached to keychains, sold in skate shops. People take their fingerboarding very seriously. There is even something called the World Snowboard Fingerboard Championship….I’m not kidding. Radical!