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What does John Travolta think of Battlefield Earth?

With a 3% Rotten Tomato rating, the 2000 film Battlefield Earth is often considered one of the worst movies ever made. The film even swept the 2000 Golden Raspberry Awards and received seven “Razzies”, including Worst Movie of the Year, Worst Actor (John Travolta), Worst Supporting Actor (Barry Pepper), Worst Supporting Actress (Preston), Worst Director (Roger Christian), Worst Screenplay (Mandell and Shapiro) and Worst Screen Couple (Travolta and “anyone sharing the screen with him”). Have a look to see what we are talking about… 14 years later The Daily Beast caught up with John Travolta to get his thoughts on his L. Ron Hubbard classic. And turns out…he still thinks it’s a good movie. “No way, are you kidding?” Travolta said. “Why would I ever regret that? I had the power to do whatever I wanted, and I chose to do a book that I thought was worthy of making into a movie. [Battlefield Earth is] a beautiful film. It’s a good movie.”

New Ghostbusters Trailer (Rereleased)

One of the funniest and most iconic films from the 80s is being re-released in theaters for it’s 30th anniversary. Yes, we’ve all seen the film before and many times over for that matter, but why not watch a recut of the theatrical trailer. And while we are at it, lets all go to the movies to see it one more time, only this time will be a little bit clearer and crisper as it’s being presented in 4K.

Pamela Anderson is….Barb Wire

Here is a prime example of movies that my Dad loves….cheesy dialogue, tons of explosions and a little eye candy. Barb Wire’s plot is loosely (and I say loosely) based on the plot of Casablanca and came from the Dark Horse comic book series of the same name. The film wasn’t much of a commercial success and was panned by critics, but it did win Pamela Anderson her first big award in cinema…the Razzie. Womp Womp. But despite all it’s negativity, it did give teenage boys plenty of material year before the internet became the filthy cesspool that it is. Thanks Pam. Now we must marry….

Ellen Degeneres in a RomCom – Mr. Wrong

There’s a lot of jokes I could make about the film Mr. Wrong¬† and it’s title. Especially considering the fact that it stars televisions most famous lesbian. But I’m a very lazy writer so I won’t make any of those jokes. This critical and commercial failure from 1996 was one of Ellen Degeneres’s only forays onto the big screen. Ellen still mentions the film from time to time on her daytime TV show, but often omits that she earned a Razzie Award nomination for Worst New Star….Okay I actually don’t know that for a fact (about her mentioning/not mentioning her Razzie nom), as lazy of a writer I am, I am equally as lazy of a researcher. But I do know for a fact that she was nominated but didn’t win the Razzie. Pamela Anderson took home that prize for Barb Wire.

They Live: I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass….

They Live was the 1988 cult hit from John Carpenter about a drifter who finds a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. Starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the flick quickly became a huge cult hit and still has a strong following today. Some even refer to it as “one of the forgotten masterpieces of the Hollywood”. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the fight scene between Roddy Piper’s character, John Nada, and Keith David’s character, Frank Armitage, seventh on their list of the “The 20 Greatest Fights Scenes Ever”. The interesting thing about the fight scene is that it was only supposed to be 20seconds in film length. However, Carpenter gave Piper a lot of creative freedom and Roddy decided to fight it out for real, only faking the hits to the face and groin. They rehearsed the fight for three weeks. Carpenter was so impressed he kept the 5 minute and 20 second scene intact. The other interesting note was the famous line “I’ve come …