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5 Movies From the 90s You FORGOT ABOUT

The 90s was an interesting era in film. We saw the beginning and rebirth of mega franchises, comedy cult classics and probably the largest amount of straight to Home Video releases ever. As the years go on, we remember the hits and money makers from each era, but we often forget about the ones we enjoyed but didn’t love. Not to mention the movies that teachers would show us on Fridays as a way to fill the afternoon. Here are 5 movies for the 90s that I’m pretty sure you forgot existed…. MY GIANT starring Billy Crystal SIMON BIRCH CHASERS starring Tom Berenger B.A.P.S. starring Halle Berry GORDY starring Babe

Sassy, Shadow and Chance are Homeward Bound

Sassy, Shadow and Chance – the best of all – travel across country to find their owners. It’s risky, scary and dangerous. Most of all, it was down right awesome. If you have a girlfriend – a concept I am completely foreign to – you should watch this film with them. If they like it, they are a keeper. If they turn their nose up at, leave her behind like Sassy, Shadow and Chance’s owners did. This film solves life’s problems you see. The only thing that would have made this film any better is if Morgan Freeman voiced one of the animals. I say Shadow. This movie ruled. This dog gets it!