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Aaron Paul, I think you’ve been type casted

We all know Aaron Paul as the meth head screw up (but he is so much more!) Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad but you might also know him as a pretty well known commercial actor before his big break (his big break being that 15 second scene in Van Wilder). However, he really has been playing the same role in everyone it seems: Corn Pops I mean common! This is Pinkman through and through, just replace the Corn Pops with meth and you got an episode of Breaking Bad right there. Oh also he would call his parents “bitch”. Vanilla Coke This one is just a full on metaphor. Aaron Paul is looking for “a taste” then he is hooked on Vanilla Coke (i.e. Meth). Boom nailed it. Juicy Fruit Well this is one is ah…like….you know the episode…with the telekinesis…ah…Look, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad Bitch!