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This Spice Girls Video is SOOOOO 90s

Let’s admit it, we at some point in time thought we were all superstars and filmed ourselves either lip-syncing or dancing to our favorite 90s band. These three girls did a very good job of Too Much by the Spice Girls. So good that we felt the need to showcase it here. Notice the crushed velvet and Old Navy.

SCTV – How to make a funny home video

Really bizarre, but recently I was recycling some of my parents VHS collection and came across a real gem. While I went through hundreds of Mission Impossibles, Lethal Weapons, Men in Blacks, and the odd softcore pornography, I did find a treat from either the 80s or 90s that could be consider rare. It’s called How to Make a Funny Home Video, starring SCTV’s Count Floyd. The video was only 22 minutes in length and was a comedic look at a couple basic film-making techniques. It’s a very weird mix. It’s not funny enough to watch just for the comedy, and it’s not technical enough to watch for the instructional purpose. It kind of sits right in the middle of half-assed entertainment. But man, it brings back some nostalgia.

Denis Leary is an Asshole

I don’t have too much to write about this one, other than the fact that I thought it was the funniest thing back in 1993. My oldest brother would listen to Denis Leary`s No Cure For Cancer cassette, and I would “borrow” it when he wasn’t around. My favorite part on the cassette was Leary’s song Asshole. I think I liked it cause it cursed and used words I otherwise wasn’t allowed to use myself. The video did the song justice and would always be a favorite of mine whenever I saw it on MUCH MUSIC (yes, I’m Canadian). Here it is….Asshole by Denis Leary.