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Activate Interlocks!: Conceptual Voltron LEGO Set

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a LEGO guy, nor have I ever been a selfless lover, but these conceptual Voltron LEGO set designed and proposed by LEGO Ideas user len_d69 make me want to be both. The five lions can be connected to form Voltron with the black lion making up the body, the red and green lions the arms, and blue and yellow the legs. Just like in the cartoon! It’s all coming together…literally. This project isn’t greenlit yet but you can help that out by going HERE and voting for the proposed set. Check below for more sweet picks of these beauties.

Voltron vs Power Rangers

As far back as I can remember (which is pretty far. Impressed?), the first cartoon I remember loving was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The show only lasted like a year, but I still loved and talked about it for years after. So imagine my delight when I saw a live-action version of the the show like 10 years later, only now the show was called Power Rangers and instead of Lions coming together to form Voltron, it was a bunch of dinosaur zords coming together to form Megazord. The shows were clearly the exact same, even down to the colours of the Lions and Zords. So naturally I loved Power Rangers just as much. But the question remains: who would win in a chili cook off? Let the battle begin! Voltron Power Rangers   *Update* Here is a video of a guy comparing the two. At least I assume it’s what he is doing, i didn’t watch it but I used is photo image for this post so I figure I should give him …